AI Training

Tiger Group Localization is a leading provider of translation services, and we are constantly striving to improve our skills and capabilities in this field.

We have successfully worked on and developed the Bard AI project, focusing on several key areas:

1. Enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of question answering:
We develop advanced language models that better understand context and provide accurate and relevant answers.
We have posed nearly a million questions to develop a comprehensive database covering various fields and specializations, ensuring accurate and reliable translations.

2. Improving site translation:

Our dedicated team has invested 1000 hours of work to enhance the quality of Bard AI site translation, providing a superior user experience.
Our team’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in achieving these milestones:

A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in translation and AI.
Close collaboration with the Google AI team to develop advanced language models that understand context and provide accurate and relevant answers.
We actively seek feedback from our clients to continuously improve our services and better meet their needs.
We are committed to continuous innovation and development in the field of translation, and we are constantly working on:

Developing advanced training programs for our team to enhance their skills and capabilities in translation and AI.
Utilizing the latest machine translation technologies to provide fast and accurate translations of text content.
Offering human translation services supported by AI to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.
At Tiger Group Localization, we believe that success in translation depends on:

An exceptional team that delivers high-quality translation services.
Client satisfaction, which is the foundation of our success.
Continuous development of our services and technologies to better meet the needs of our clients.
We are grateful for your trust in our company.

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