About Us

Tiger Group Localization was established for localization in 2020. We have cooperated with more than a thousand clients in various languages around the world in many fields and specializations. We have translated nearly 20 million words from various languages.
We cooperated with the largest companies in the world such as YouTube, Samsung, Cool Ai, Amazon, Oppo, and many banks around the world.
We have also translated nearly a million minutes of video (Subtitling) in various fields such as films, series, news broadcasts, issues, wars, educational videos, and awareness videos for children.

Why Join Us?

Positive and Friendly Work Environment: We believe that a positive work environment fosters creativity and productivity.

Opportunities for Learning and Professional Development: We offer comprehensive training programs and support our employees in developing their skills and achieving their aspirations.

Competitive Rates and Rewarding Incentives: We believe in rewarding our employees fairly and recognizing their contributions.

Diverse and Exciting Projects: We collaborate with a diverse range of clients on exciting projects across various fields.

Flexible Work Arrangements: We offer the flexibility to work from the office or remotely, accommodating our employees’ needs.

Collaborative and Respectful Work Culture: We emphasize teamwork and mutual respect among all team members.

What We Look For in Our Employees

Passion for Languages and Excellent Translation Skills: We seek professional translators with a passion for languages and exceptional translation skills.

Strong Communication and Writing Skills: We believe in the importance of effective communication in the workplace.


We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

Dar Man, we were able to transcribe and translate nearly 300 clips of it, and cooperation with the client continued for more than two consecutive years.

Dar Man

Kirol’s Kitchen is a cooking program for which we were able to translate four seasons of the program at a rate of 1,000 minutes of subtitles, and approximately 750,000 words.

Kirol’s Kitchen

Cummins Arabia Company, we were able to translate nearly 300,000 words for them in their company’s promotional and advertising campaigns on social media and their platform.

Cummins Arabia Company

Toshiba, a leading company in the industry, has been able to translate many of its advertising videos over the past years.


Eva Company, is a company for cosmetic powders and creams. We were able to translate many of their promotional videos, which included a large number of distinguished Egyptian actors.

Eva Company

Microsoft Company, we were able to translate many of its educational videos. The translation was visual translation. The translation was entirely technical. It was a long-term project and we completed it successfully.

Microsoft Company

BenQ, an electronics manufacturer known for producing displays, monitors, digital players, projectors, digital cameras, and other electronic accessories. The company focuses on providing innovative technology solutions to consumers and businesses.
We translated all their promotional videos for a year.


Riyadh Najd schools, which are educational schools with an advanced system that played a major educational role in the Covid-19 crisis.
We were able to translate all of their introductory and promotional videos. We also integrated the videos for the client and he expressed his gratitude to our company.

Riyadh Najd schools

Amazon Store, an electronic marketing detective. We were able to work on that MTPE project for more than a year on many, many store pages and translating others, and it was a very huge project.

Amazon Store

Alibaba Store, an electronic marketing investigator. We were able to work on that MTPE project for more than a year on many, many store pages and translating others, and it was a very huge project.

Alibaba Store

Samsung, we did a very large project with them in many languages and we wrote nearly 15 million words in that project. The project was to write imaginative content to help Samsung tools work better and faster.


Bard platform, which is an artificial intelligence platform, we were able to translate, develop and modify the platform during its beta mode for about a year.
The client expressed his happiness in cooperating with us and that he will work with us continuously.


The TikTok platform is a popular platform in the last decade, and we cooperated with them in translating and modifying many of the application systems, and the official expressed his happiness in dealing with us.


YouTube is a well-known platform. We worked with them on a two-year project. We transcribed audio for more than a year with them. We worked daily on the Loft platform, and we transcribed approximately 1,000 hours, and our team was doing its best to work on that project.


IDBI Bank is an India based bank and we were able to translate all their legal files related to loans and borrowing for the clients.
Many of the files were as the client was happy with without any modifications. It won’t be the last project between us.